4 remedies for health-sufficiency

Chlorine dioxide (MMS), DMSO, Artemisia annua and Strophantin

We created this info page for our participants of the lecture at the “Festival of biodynamic agriculture and alternative medicine” near Požega/ Croatia.

With these 4 remedies we´re convinced that we are able to cure about 80 % of modern acute and chronic diseases (if used properly and consequent enough). This is NOT meant to be a healing promise, it´s only beased on our experiences … so far! 

Healing is a complex process:

It requires the knowledge, the ability, awareness and willingness to throw overboard one’s own and others’ dogmas and beliefs.

Here you’ll find our collection of blog articles and videos but also supply sources for resources and other good sources around our main lecture topic chlorine dioxide, but also DMSO. You’ll find an introduction into Artemisia annua and Strophantin and information about good information resources and where to buy it.

We hope this will be helpful for you!

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TOP Erfolgs-Stories aus unserer Gesundheits-Community

Chlordioxid, DMSO, Artemisia annua und Strophantin in der Praxis!

Good news: Es gibt wieder DMSO ph.Eur. vom Kopp-Verlag

Jetzt Vorrat sichern!

DMSO – Unser Nr. 1 Heilmittel

Nie mehr ohne auf die einsame Insel

Antibiotika vs. Chlordioxid

Multiresistente Keime besiegen: professionelles Wundmanagement mit Chlordioxid, DMSO, Artemisia annua und Honig!

Der Chlordioxid Quick Start Guide ist da

… alles, was Du für Deinen Start mit Chlordioxid wissen musst!

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu Chlordioxid und MMS

Herstellung und Anwendung, Bezugsquellen, weitere Experten, Fachbücher, Videos etc.

Corona #4: Helfen MMS & Chlordioxid gegen Corona?

Alles über die Wirkungsweise und prophylaktische Anwendung von Chlordioxid bei Corona

Von Krankheit & Tod zu neuen Wegen für Gesundheit

Wie ich Chlordioxid, DMSO und deren unglaubliche Möglichkeiten für Mensch & Tier entdeckte!

Über mich… Umwege zum Seelenweg

Der Weg zu Trainings, die bewegen, wie das Universum der Seele den Weg ebnet und über Umwege, die die Ortskenntnis erhöhen!

Chlordioxidlösung (CDL) selber herstellen

… einfach, schnell und sicher mit der Gurkenglasmethode!

3. Fasten mit Chlordioxid und Meerwasser

Entgiften mit Chlordioxid und mehr Energie durch Meerwasser!

Chlordioxid & MMS: Wundermittel oder Gift?

Wenn unheilbare und chronische Krankheiten heilbar werden! Fakten, Skepsis, Fehlinformationen & wirtschaftliches Desinteresse!

Highly recommended books about chlorine dioxide & MMS…

In the book “Forbidden health” by Andreas Kalcker as well as in the book “MMS for animals” by Monika Rekelhof you find MMS/CDL protocols for almost all diseases as well as testimonials of humans, respectively descriptions of healing successes with different animals.

Please note:

“Forbidden health” was already banned on Amazon in Mai 2018 after being a bestseller in it’s category for a couple of years! (interestingly, it is now available again as kindle version on amazon.com)

It could be, that your favorite book shop claims that it´s not available, but that´s NOT true. You still can order it on Andreas Kalckers Website, the Jim Humble publisher and some other publishers.

In our opinion, these books belong to every first-aid kit (!!) and should be read and understood by everyone who wants to use MMS/CDL for humans + animals on his own responsibility!

But if you don’t have time to read a book with 450 pages first and you want or have to start immediately, because it is an acute problem case?

For these cases there is now our CDL Quick Start Guide!

In this Chlorine Dioxide Quick Start Guide we have put together the most important information about Chlorine Dioxide on 47 pages.

Get our Chlorine Dioxide Quick Start Guide

You have already heard a lot about CDL & MMS, meanwhile you already have the ingredients at home, now you would like to start with the application but you don’t really dare to do it?

You have an acute problem and would like to know, what is to be considered with the application? The book by Andreas Kalcker is not available, the delivery is still taking time or you are not the kind of reader who can read 450 pages in one week?

Then this little Quick Start Guide is just the right thing for you.

Learn the most important things you need to know to get started right away:

You will get, info about…

💡 Discovery & History
💡 toxicity, safety,
💡 do’s & don’ts,
💡 application tips & protocols, …

✅ for more energy,
✅ for enginement,
✅ against bacterial, viral and fungal infections,
✅ against corona,
✅ for vaccination discharge,
✅ for dental problems,
✅ for wound disinfection,
✅ for sunburn,
✅ for skin problems,
✅ for insect stitches and bites,
✅ hot spots and skin problems in dogs (and humans),
✅ combinations with DMSO.
✅ and much more.

Get started right away and get our Chlorine Dioxide Quick Start Guide:

Please notice:

The Quick Start Guide does not claim to replace the extensive books by Andreas Kalcker, Antje Oswald and Monika Rekelhof!

It is a Quick Start Guide for a quick start with chlorine dioxide!

Recommended books on DMSO – DiMethylSulfOxid

THE DMSO expert in the German-speaking world is Dr. Hartmut Fischer, chemist, pharmacist and alternative health practitioner, author of the DMSO manual and visionary and advocate in the matter of self-help and self-empowerment.

He has not only created the

  • “DMSO & Co – Health Toolbox”, whose “umbrella remedy” is DMSO,
  • but also the “DMSO & Co. Academy” and
  • the practical course “DMSO & Co – Injection and Infusion Course”,

which I attended and successfully completed!

On his website https://medizinzumselbermachen.de/ you can subscribe to his extremely informative and valuable newsletter (in german).

Here you can order The DMSO Handbook by Dr. Hartmut Fischer: Click here or on the picture!

Recommended websites

The last three years many websites, online courses or product selling shops around Chlorine dioxide and DMSO popped up (some of them not in a good intention!)

On the other hand the best websites were banned from google and other search engines (in many countries), so that you cannot find e.g. the website of Andreas Kalcker, if you only google his name. You need to know the correct website name.

There are some more experts, you’ll find more of them in my Blog article “Frequently asked questions about Chlorine dioxide & MMS”, but here are the most important:

The most important original Website in terms of Chlorine Dioxide of Andreas Kalcker, with all further links to studies, all his books, videos about the corona treatment with chlorine dioxide in south america, etc.

Available in most languages.


The most important original Website in topics of DMSO – DiMethylSulfOxid of Dr. Hartmut Fischer.

He is scientist, chemist and alternative medicine healer who (re)introduced DMSO to the German-speaking world and passes on his decades of experience in highly recommended books and training courses.

He also publishes an excellent newsletter (in German).


The most important Website in topics of Detox and Autism of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

He is a doctor who´s very successful in treating the weirdest “incurable diseases” like autism, unexplaniable and destructive chronic problems, mostly by detoxification, frequencies and nutrition. He´s german origin with clinic´s in Switzerland and Seattle/USA, offers great training programs and is guest in many interviews where he´s teaching about unconventional healing practises.


The publishing house that publishes books (especially books in the health field) that no other publisher dares to publish:


Recommended product resources

Before you start producing and using CDS & DMSO we highly recommend to FIRST read our above suggested Blog articles, mainly “Make your own chlonrine dioxide solution”, “Frequently asked questions about Chlorine dioxide and MMS”, “Antibiotics vs. Chlorine Dioxide” and “DMSO – Our Nr. 1 Remedy”.

Also the books or at least our Quick Start Guide are highly recommended.

It´s easy to handle these remedies, BUT you should know HOW! There are some stumbling blocks that can result in major consequences!

So here are the ingredients you need to start.

I can only show you what we order to our austrian adress.

Some companies don´t send these Chemicals to Croatia, or the shipping costs are way too high. But I´m sure you find ways to buy it in Croatia, too. Or perhaps you or a friend work in Austria or Germany… If you find those, please let us know, so we can add it on this page!

Just make sure to use the correct chemical formula, the correct percentage and the “for all uses/ pharmaceutical use (not only for technical use, it´s probably not clean enough) while searching.


Stay away from Chlorine Dioxide Solutions that are ready to buy.

During the P(l)andemie we received many emails from people who bought ready-made CDLs and had big problems with them:

The ph-value was very acidic, which led to strong intolerances and slight burns.

In the best case, this can be traced back to too long, wrong storage (…or it is intentional to support the lies about CDL).

We recommend that you make your own CDL if possible or only buy it from known sources and always store it tightly closed in the refrigerator!

For Chlorine dioxide/ MMS

To produce Chlorine dioxide or  for MMS you need two ingredients:

  1. Sodium Chlorite (in german Natriumchlorit) NaChlO2, 22-25 % and
  2. Hydrochloric Acid HCL 4 %.

How much should you order?

It depends on the severeness of the problem, you want to treat and if you want to provide CDS just for yourself or for your whole community. A little calculation:

  • 100 ml (each of NaCLO2 and HCL) is enough to make 5 times half a liter of Chlorine Dioxide Solution:
  • so in total 2,5 l of Chlorine Dioxide solution with ca. 3.000 ppm. This is the primal solution which needs to be diluted.
  • for a 1 Liter-Bottle of ready made drinkable CDS solution you only need usually 10 ml of  the primal Chlorine Dioxide Solution.
  • so you can make for example 250 One-Liter-Bottles of ready made drinkable CDS solution, what is more than enough to treat a small family ca. half a year.

I usually order One-Liter Bottles or even 5 Liter Containers of NaClO2 and HCL, because I need it for workshops, often give it to friends and community-members. Bigger quantities usually cost the same as the small containers.

Sodium Chlorite 22-25 % & Hydrochloric Acid 4 %

Sodium Chlorite (in german Natriumchlorit) 22-25 % is one of the two components you need to make MMS or Chlorine Dioxide.

Make sure that it is Sodium Chlorite, with a t not a d. The chemical formula is NaClO2.

(Sodium Chloride with d is a different chemical substance: our normal salt for cooking purposes. The chemical formula is NaCl => this is NOT what you need for MMS/CDS).

Click here or on the image to order NaClO2!

Jim Humble used Citric Acid 50 % in the early times of MMS, which often caused sickness and diarrhoea.

Nowadays we usually use Hydrochloric Acid 4 % because it´s the same acid we already have in our stomach and therefore tolerated much better.

Sometimes people have the funny idea, that Citric Acid would be stronger and therefore better: that is nonsense!

CDS that is produced with Hydrochloric Acid has the same strength than with Citric Acid and is saturated when it´s 3.000 ppm.

Click here or on the image to order HCL 4%.

For smaller amounts...

If you need smaller amounts, you’ll get water disinfection sets, containing Sodium Chlorite NaClO2 25% and Hydrochloric acid HCL 4% sometimes in Camping Suppliers.

A good shop in Austria for many special ingredients is Merciful Trading. The owner is one of my collegues from the Training with Andreas Kalcker.

Click here or on the image to get to the NaClO2-HCL-Set! 

Please support us...

... and our voluntary work to provide achievable and affortable health information to everybody!

You find these informations helpful for your start in health-sufficiancy? Could you even improve your health?

Then your voluntary donation to the non profit association Die LebensWirkstatt is highly appreciated, so we can continue our mission…

Thank You!


DMSO – DiMetylSulfOxide

When you order DMSO – DiMethylSulfOxid, make sure, that it´s 99,9% european Pharmaquality, which is marked by the addition ph.Eur. 

It usually comes in a glass bottle and arrives frozen, unless you order it in the summer:

the freezing temperature is 18.3 °.

Freezing does not affect the quality. Simply defrost and store at room temperature.

Make sure to defenately read our article about DMSO BEFORE you start handling it. There are some important do´s & don´ts to be followed!

Click here or on the image to order the DMSO we´re using!

Artemisia annua – Annual mugwort

…should not be confused with the common mugwort, artemisia vulgaris.

To Traditional Chinese Medicine, Artemisia annua owes its steep career as an anti-malarial plant.

During the Vietnam War, China was feverishly searching for a remedy against the infectious disease that claimed the lives of thousands of Viet Cong soldiers: malaria.

More than 500 scientists were released for this secret military project.

In 1969, Professor Youyou Tu found a reference to “Quinghao”, as Artemisia annua is called in Chinese, in ancient writings from the 3rd century, which was supposed to slow down the growth of malaria parasites. She tested the described extract on mice suffering from malaria.

In 2015, the Chinese scientist Youyou Tu was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her research on Artemisia annua. She was able to prove that the active ingredient artemisinin eliminates parasites in human and animal blood.

Artemisia annua was given the beautiful name “herb of hope” in China. Artemisia annua is THE plant to prevent and cure malaria.

The german association anamed…

… has been active in research about Artemisia annua and in development aid in Africa and Asia for over 30 years.

They help the people there to grow their own medicinal plants and to use them.

Artemisia annua is one of the most important of these, along with Moringa.

In Tanzania, Burundi and Madagascar, among others, anamed has ensured that people in villages, schools and hospitals have been trained and that these plants have been cultivated there in their own medicinal plant gardens.

Since then, but especially during the P(l)andemie, it turned out that artemisia annua is not only effective against malaria, but also against many other infectious diseases (such as covid), but also against HIV or some types of cancer.

Artemisia annua anamed A-3 vs. Artemisa annua wild form

The anamed association has bred a new variety of the plant:

The wild forms of Artemisia annua have the disadvantage that they only form few leaves, produce little and uneven active substances, and practically do not grow in tropical areas.

“Artemisia-annua-anamed”, on the other hand, is a special cultivar that can grow up to 3 m tall even in the tropics, has 20 times more artemisinin than wild forms and whose leaves can be used to treat up to 10 malaria patients per harvested plant.

An important reason is that the wild form starts flowering in July. The pollen is allergenic like other mugwort pollen, so the whole neighbourhood can get asthma. A-3, however, does not flower until October/November/December if care is taken. But the plant must be harvested BEFORE flowering (and before frost)! This means that the A-3 plant has much longer to grow and often the frost comes earlier.

Although the A 3 seeds seem to be super expensive (the Starter kit from anamed costs 120 €) it´s defenately worth it: because the seeds are so super tiny, you get enough for the next ten years for you and your Community.

But of course you can also use the seeds of the normal wild form. You only should keep in mind that most of the research often refers to A3:

i.e. the wild form must be dosed correspondingly higher to achieve the same results.

Grow and process Artemisia annua in Europe

I have grown both in Italy and in Austria the last two years – A3 and the wild form – and I defenately must admit, that A3 is the better choice:

  • it grows incomparably more dense,
  • has more, softer leaves,
  • so you get much more tea from one plant,
  • is “greener”,
  • smells more intense,
  • the dried tea stays beautiful green whereas the wild form gets more “brownish”.
  • I don´t  have a laboratory to measure the content of artemisinin and the other precious active ingredients, but my feeling defenatly says the content of A3 is higher.

But both plants grow extremely well in our climate. They like like some nice aged compost, enough water and a sunny spot. They will get really tall, even in central europe: 1,50- 3 meters high!

You can harvest the leaves all summer long and it will regrow again and again, or you wait until September and harvest the whole plant, before flowering.

Where to buy Artemisia annua products & seeds

Artemisia annua may no longer be officially sold as a “tea” or food supplement. That’s why you often only find it as  “smoking herb “. But there are still good places to buy it. A good quality should be fine and deep green and smell wonderful.

It should not contain stems but only finely (cut) leaves. This quality has its price. Before we grew our own tea, we ordered it from Teemana, which belongs to anamed. This company had to be founded because the association was banned from simultaneously researching, informing, producing and selling food supplements by the “European Novel Food Regulation” (- what is – of course – just for you health 😉).

Here you can order Artemisia annua A-3 quality!

Unfortunately it´s not longer possible to buy Artemisa annua A-3 seeds as a privat person anymore, because – as always – there were people who used the popularity of the plant to make a big business of it, what led to less donations for the charity work for anamed.

I’ll try to get seeds for our own association “Die LebensWirkstatt”, so perhaps in a few weeks you can get some plants from us!

If you want to try it yourself, you can contact Dr. Hans-Martin Hirt via the website of anamed. 


Do not trust any other company that claims to sell A3 seeds! These can only be obtained as a charity/public benefit organisation through anamend. It is forbidden to trade in this protected variety in order to protect these plants for development aid purposes from big business.

Get Artemisa annua seeds (wild form)

So meanwhile we have to rely on seeds of the wildform.

You can get seeds here and here.

I think you´ll also find people or options to buy seeds in Croatia, too.

Strophantine – The natural, side-effect-free heart remedy until the 80s

Heart problems & diseases are still the health issue Nr. 1 in the modern world. And it´s a big business! Since C… it has even become bigger!

Like many of us, the last three years have taken their toll on our health, and I have experienced this first hand. (No, I am not vaccinated, I just took everything “very much to heart”, the breaking of friendships, family ties and my beloved business as a Dance Fitness Trainer “broke my heart”):

Heart rhythm disturbances and palpitations at the slightest exertion made life almost unbearable for me. On top of that came depression and a complete lack of energy, that made going uphill oder upstairs and even my beloved dog walks a torture.

As always, I looked for solutions outside of orthodox medicine and remembered having heard about Strophantin as a heart remedy many times before. So I knew where to search for it and I knew where to get it.

It worked almost immerdiately!

In the beginning, I had to find out the right dosage for my body, that took me about a week.

Since then my depression is gone, I extended my dog walks to 1-2 hours, I´m carying firewood upstairs, I work in the garden and on our construction side at the house again. My mood is pretty good (although it´s raining cats and dogs since months) and I feel more and more life force again.

So, what kind of miracle plant is this? 

So what is Strophantine?

Strophantus gratus, CC BY-SA 3.0

Strophanthus is a tropical woody plant that grow as shrubs or small trees, or climb trees as lianas up to the treetops.

Most have exceptionally beautiful flowers and produce a milky juice.

Medically interesting and well researched are Strophantus gratus and Strophantus kombe.

Native to Central Africa, the Strophanthus species were initially only used to make arrow poisons.

  • Strophanthus is a tropical woody plant that grow as shrubs or small trees, or climb trees as lianas up to the treetops.
  • Most have exceptionally beautiful flowers and produce a milky juice.
  • Medically interesting and well researched are Strophantus gratus and Strophantus kombe.
  • in Central Africa the plants were initially used to make arrow poisons. 
  • As MMS Strophanthin was discovered by chance on a tropic expedition, but in this case in Africa and already in 1859:
    Africa explorer David Livingstone recognised the pulse-slowing effect when a bit of the dried juice powder fell on his thooth brush. Nevertheless he didn´t care and used it.
  • Since in 1888 first Strophanthin was isolated successfully and Albert Franckel used k-strophanthin extracted from strophanthus seeds as an intravenous therapeutic agent.
  • From there was used successfully for almost 100 years in every clinic in the world as a acute medicine for heart attacks, heart rhythm disturbances, palpitations and many other heart and cadiovacular issues (like e.g. high blood pressure)

… until a big scandal was made up to discredit this cheap and powerful medicine to clear the way for other products…

Here you can read the whole story, it´s a thriller!

Where to get more & the right information about Strophantine?

There´s another german association “Strophantus e.V.”, who has been campaigning for the use of strophantine in medicine for decades and has put together an excellent, informative website with all the information: https://strophantus.de/.

Here you find all the information you need, how it works, all the additional application possibilities like…

  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • Rhythm disorders
  • Menopause
  • Circulation
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Blood thinning
  • Covid
  • Applications in animals.

You’ll also find doctors who work with it (also online) and adresses where to get it.
Here you find online traders!


We are neither physicians nor alternative practitioners or similar, nor are CDL or MMS approved drugs. DMSO, on the other hand, IS an approved medicine. Furthermore, an evaluation from a distance is impossible. We report here only about experiences and applications which we have tried ourselves or the friends and acquaintances whom we trust.

The application of MMS, CDL  DMSO, Artemisia annua & Strophantin presuppose a high degree of personal responsibility.

Self-responsibility means that the user deals himSELF:

both with the physical and psychological (background) reasons of his problem, as well as with the responsible and safe application, the effects and side-effects of his used means and methods.

You can find more blog articles and further recources on the subject in the blog article “Frequently Asked Questions about Chlorine Dioxide & MMS”, or if you click on the magnifying glass in the upper right and type in “chlorine dioxide”. So you can also search for any other topic on my website, such as Nia –  Dance Fitness for body, mind and soul“…. my heart!

Please understand that I will not answer questions about these topics by mail, in person or by phone.

If you have any questions, follow our association Die LebensWirkstatt on Telegram!

Please support us...

... and our voluntary work to provide achievable and affortable health information to everybody!

You find these informations helpful for your start in health-sufficiancy? Could you even improve your health?

Then your voluntary donation to the non profit association Die LebensWirkstatt is highly appreciated, so we can continue our mission…

Thank You!


You want an propper (online) workshop where you learn everything from scratch?

Usually we offer 2-day workshops, where you learn EVERYTHING you need to start producing, handling and treating different kinds of health issues with CDS, DMSO and Artemisa annua.

Let us know, if you are interested in an Online Webinar/ Course and write us an E-Mail to:

Write an email!

Come join the Telegram channel of our association “Die LebensWirkstatt”

(only available in german, but you can contact us also in english)

The LebensWirkstatt is a non-profit, non-profit austrian association with a focus on “promoting, exploring and educating sustainable health for humans, animals and the earth”!

Check out our Telegram channel for more tips and info, and be the first to know when we host another one of our popular chlorine dioxide, DMSO & Artemisia annua workshops and similar hands-on workshops.



The link works only on the computer.

For the Telegram group on mobile:
Install the Telegram app on your phone, go to the magnifying glass at the top right and search for “LebensWirkstatt or @DieLebensWirkstatt. It is important that you do not write WERKstatt but actually WIRKstatt.

Help is to spread the word also in Croatia and other countries...

Help is to spread the word also in Croatia and other countries…

If these informations were helpful for you, please leave a comment below and/ or foreward this Info to some friends that might be interested.

You´ll help to help other people in need…

🙏 Thank you,

Kristin & Christian

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